Recreational Therapist at work!

The Para-Archery Competition just Got A New Contender!

Tournaments and Pin Shoots


Pin Shoot Results

Top score to date: 580 of possible 720

4 pins collected for 50 meters outdoor competitions

2018 Tournaments


Dublin Ohio August 8/11

A learning match, I had to learn how to compete and what types of competition I would be up against.

Salt Lake City September 6/9

This was a World Placement Event

I placed 29th .


2019 Tournaments


LasVegas  Feb 8-10, 2019

Total 1075


Illinois State Championship

Feb 16th

Scores 276 & 279

Total 555/600


Anticipated Tournaments

Great Lakes Regionals

Dixon Illinois Feb 23-24, 2019

Arizona Cup April 5-7, 2019

2020 Paralympics

Equipment I Currently Use

I moved up from the compound PSE Phenom bow, with a draw weight of 43 lbs.  I now shoot with a Matthews (an excellent competition bow)

The arrows I had been practicing with are Victory target arrows.   I also upgraded to one of the best Easton competition arrows.  Using the upgraded Compound Bow, arrows and my trusty mouth tab I am improving my skills to prepare for the 2020 Paralympics. 

My mouth tab release has undergone some changes over the past year, the design I am using now was developed during trial and error.


I will try to answer any questions you have regarding my participation in the sport.  I am a newcomer and am learning myself, but  I will try to help explain what I can.  Feel free to drop a line.